Community Connections at #PlantBio2023

 Community Connections at #PlantBio2023

While strolling the networking breaks and events at Plant Biology, there’s an unmistakable air of excitement and camaraderie in the air. Plant Biology 2023 is specifically designed to be a source of fresh ideas and new science.

Its approach to program development is fresh as well.

In 2023, more Plant Biology sessions than ever will be sourced from the plant science community. All workshops, two plenaries and 12 of the 30 scientific concurrent symposia were proposed by plant scientists at different career stages, from across the country and around the world.

That kind of community approach to developing the program shapes the culture of the entire event. “I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to meet people great researchers whose papers I’ve read, and now I have been able to meet them here,” said Yusuph Alawale Abiola, PhD student at Estonia University of Life Sciences, an attendee at Plant Biology 2022. “People are very happy with what we are doing in our lab and we’re getting feedback from people, how to improve it, or we have met people who are doing something similar, and I’ve gotten ideas from them that I am going to use as well.”

Now more than ever, attending Plant Biology 2023 will bring you the best education and inspiration direct from your colleagues. See the preliminary schedule and start planning your Plant Biology 2023 experience. A complete program will be available in coming weeks.

And as you’re exploring the program, plan to take advantage of networking events! “People are very open here. People want to talk, they want to know what you are doing, and they are ready to help,” said Yusuph. “I have met a lot of people and made a lot of friends, I am so excited about that.”

Explore the program now.

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