Abstract Categories

Abiotic: Light

Abiotic: Salt and Minerals

Abiotic: Temperature

Abiotic: Water

Biochemistry and Metabolism

Biochemistry: Photosynthesis and BioEnergy

Biochemistry: Specialized Metabolites

Biotic Interactions: Plant-Animal

Biotic Interactions: Plant-Microbe

Cell Biology: General

Cell Biology: Plastids and Organelles

Cell Biology: Cell Walls

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Development: Reproduction

Development: Vegetative

Education and Outreach

Genes & Genomes: Biotechnology, Molecular Breeding

Genes & Genomes: Gene Regulation and Transcriptional Networks

Genes & Genomes: Genetics

Genes & Genomes: Genome Editing

Genes & Genomes: Molecular Evolution/Comparative Genomics 

Evolution/Comparative Genomics

Genes & Genomes: RNA Biology

Signal Transduction & Hormone Biology

Systems Biology & Synthetic Biology

Whole-Plant: Environmental and Ecophysiological