Concurrent Symposium: Novel Applications of Biochemistry and Metabolism

Chair: Amr Kataya, University of Calgary

Improving a microbial thiamin biosynthetic enzyme by continuous directed evolution
Kristen Van Gelder, University of Florida

Metabolic landscape of first-generation domesticated pennycress varieties
Pubudu P. Handakumbura,  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Regulation of fatty acid β-oxidation: a potential target for biotechnology and agriculture applications
Amr Kataya, University of Calgary

Revealing the Temporal and Spatial Organization of Storage Lipids using 13C-Labeling and Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Developing Embryos of Pennycress, a Promising Source for Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Umesh P. Yadav, University of North Texas

Synthesizing heart-healthy oil in plants utilizing oil biosynthesis machinery in Avocado
Jyoti R. Behera, East Tennessee State University