Concurrent Symposium: Plant Responses to Abiotic Stress

Chair: Yongjian Qiu, University of Mississippi

A phloem mobile E3 ligase functions in long-distance mineral nutrient homeostasis
Wendy Lyzenga, Global Institute for Food Security

CLASPing salinity: Microtubule-Associated Protein CLASP is involved in salt stress responses in Arabidopsis
Jayamini Jayawardhane

Novel heat stress responsive coding and noncoding RNA regulatory networks in contrasting tomato cultivars from Indian sub-continent
Saloni Mathur, National Institute of Plant Genome Research

Highland adaptation to low temperature and low nutrient environments is aided by phosphatidylcholine alteration in maize
Allison C. Barnes, North Carolina State University

PIF4/HEMERA-Mediated Daytime Thermosensory Growth Requires the Mediator Subunit MED14
Yongjian Qiu, University of Mississippi