Concurrent Symposium: Signal Transduction: Mechanisms and Responses

Chair: Hongwei Jing

The stress-responsive RING E3 Ligase XERICO guides stomatal density and patterning through the SPEECHLESS signaling pathway
Deka Mohamed, University of Toronto

Integrated Omics Reveal Novel Functions and Underlying Mechanisms of FERONIA Receptor Kinase Signalling in Arabidopsis thaliana
Hongqing (Michelle) Guo, Iowa State University

JAUP1, a newly evolved rice-specific gene, induces jasmonate biosynthesis and signaling to promote root development and stress tolerance in rice
Su-May Yu, Academia Sinica

Regulation of AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR condensation and nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning
Hongwei Jing

Ubiquitin driven nano-organization of Strubbelig Receptor Family 3 (SRF3) receptor kinase specifies signal transduction
Matias F. Gleason

Calmodulin Domain Protein Kinase PiCDPK1 Regulates Pollen Tube Growth Polarity through Interaction with RhoGDI
Nolan Scheible, Washington State University