Concurrent Symposium: Responses to Light

Chair: Andreas Madlung, University of Puget Sound

A combination of plasma membrane sterol biosynthesis and autophagy is required for shade-induced hypocotyl elongation
Christian Fankhauser, University of Lausanne

Functional analysis of two BBX proteins in modulating ABA mediated post germination seedling development
Deeksha Singh, Indian Institute of Science and Research Bhopal

Regulation of Phytochrome Interacting Factors by PPP1/2 to modulate photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis
Xingbo Cai, University of Texas Austin

Respiration in the light varies with irradiance: new insights from carbon isotope studies
Stephanie Schmiege, Michigan State University

Subfunctionalization of PHYTOCHROME B in tomato
Andreas Madlung, University of Puget Sound