Concurrent Symposium: Cell Biology: Organelles and Plastids

Chair: Lara Esch, John Innes Centre

Arabidopsis Lipid Droplet Protein of Seeds influences lipid droplet size and number in seeds and seedlings
Nathan M. Doner, University of Guelph

Evolution of plastid biogenic retrograde signaling: the role of the GLK transcription factors in chloroplast development in Marchantia polymorpha
Arihel Hernández Muñoz, Instituto de Biotecnología, UNAM

Sex-linked deubiquitinase establishes uniparental inheritance of chloroplast DNA
Jae-Hyeok Lee, The University of British Columbia

Starch synthesis in Brachypodium distachyon endosperm occurs in highly dynamic and interconnected amyloplast compartments
Lara Esch, John Innes Centre

Molecular chaperone-mediated thermoprotection of chlorophyll biosynthesis enzymes
Peng Wang