Concurrent Symposium: Protein Recruitment and Molecular Trafficking

Chair: Stefanie Wege, University of Adelaide

GBPL3 is a novel plant nucleoporin that recruits transcription and RNA processing machinery at the nuclear basket by promoting condensates formation
Yu Tang, University of California Berkeley

pH regulation in the Trans-Golgi Network/Early Endosome through ion transporters and in response to abiotic stress
Stefanie Wege, University of Adelaide

Regulation of Plant Growth Under Stress by an Atypical Subfamily of F-box Proteins
Bryan Thines, University of Puget Sound

Secretory autophagy coordinates with extracellular vesicle secretion in amphisomes
Ben Koch, Indiana University

Arabidopsis reticulon-like protein RTNLB3 negatively regulates the ER fusion activity of plant atlastin ROOT HAIR RDEFECTIVE3
Weina Wang, McGill University