Concurrent Symposium: Biochemistry and Metabolism

Chair: Eliana Gonzales-Vigil , University of Toronto Scarborough

A metabolomics-based screening system for functional characterization of wallflower glycosyltransferases
Cynthia Holland, Williams College

Gene duplication enabled the elongation of very-long-chain unsaturated fatty acids
Eliana Gonzales-Vigil, University of Toronto Scarborough

Genomics-Driven Discovery of Clustered Biosynthetic Pathways for Defense-Related Molecules in Bread Wheat
Guy Polturak, John Innes Centre

Swapping sugars, migrating chains: The biochemical evolution of Solanum acylated inositol trichome defense metabolites
Paul D. Fiesel, Michigan State University 

In two places at once: Distinct biosynthetic pathways produce acylsugars in tomato trichomes and roots
Rachel E. Kerwin, Michigan State University