Concurrent Symposium: Whole-Plant Ecophysiology

Chair: Asia T. Hightower, Michigan State University

This symposium is facilitated by the ASPB Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee.

Architectural differences in rootstocks associated with changes in shoot system traits in grafted grapevines
Johanna J. Cantillo, University of Washington

Using leaf morphology modeling in herbaria specimens of three Capsella species to predict changes in leaf shape in response to climate change
Asia T. Hightower, Michigan State University

Investigating the mechanism of high CO2 inhibition of isoprene emission
Abira Sahu, Michigan State University

Seeing the forest for the trees: variation in the acclimation of photosynthetic capacity to climate change among seedlings of three boreal trees
Julia Hammer, Western University

Shading mitigates a systemic phloem-affecting disease of citrus
Christopher Vincent, University of Florida