Concurrent Symposium: Signaling and Early Events in Plant-Microbe Interactions

Chair: Carina Collins, Marian University

Can plants selectively engineer beneficial soil microbiomes that protect against insect pests?
Laramy Enders, Purdue University

The role of lysin motif receptor-like kinases in Populus-microbe interactions
Kevin R. Cope, South Dakota State University

Usage of an Automated Imaging System and the Fabricated Ecosystem (EcoFAB) in To Explore the Role of Plant Cell Wall in Driving Root-Rhizobacteria Interactions
Hsiao-Han Lin, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Regulation of plasma membrane localized proteins during PTI integrates local responses to long distance signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana
Gabrielle E. Rupp, University of Missouri

The Phloem Protein OCTOPUS is a Novel Negative Regulator of flg22-induced Signaling
Carina Collins, Marian University