Explore the Full Program for #PlantBio2023

With more than 250 talks, Plant Biology 2023 is designed to deliver in-depth insights across the spectrum of plant science, from molecular and cellular biology advances to physiology, farming, outer space and career strategies. Within a few packed days, you’ll stay ahead of all that’s new and exciting in the field.  

Plant Biology 2023 speakers include those with legendary careers, others with visionary new work and emerging talents. See the complete list here. And check out the full range of offerings in the complete program, available online now. 

Poster presentations begin Friday, August 4, elucidating research conducted in carrots, cotton and numerous other mediums. Friday also features virtual workshops on FAIR data, networking and the iPlantSeg+ tool. 

After a PUI Faculty Development Workshop and student poster presentations the morning of Saturday, August 5, you won’t want to miss the afternoon’s Presidential Symposium, focusing this year on “Plants and People.” 

Sunday, August 6, begins with the plenary “Highlights of New and Emerging Research on Biomolecular Condensates in Plants,” followed by workshops on topics ranging from the impacts of AI in scientific publication to the role of science communication in innovative agricultural technologies. The afternoon includes concurrent symposia like “Roots, Shoots, and Leaves: New Approaches to Studying Vegetative Development” and “From the Outside In: Plant Signal Transduction.” 

The plenary “Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture” opens activities on Monday, August 7. Next up are workshops covering plant scientist spotlights in the classroom and beyond, self-advocacy and more. The afternoon is again packed with concurrent symposia addressing domestication of wild species and minor crops, cellular quality control and a broad range of other topics. 

Tuesday, August 8, again opens with a plenary, “Intercellular Communication in Plants: The Long and Short of It,” followed by workshops on leadership, finding mentors and complying with U.S. regulations on genetically engineered and genome edited plants. Orphan crops, “plant magic” and transcriptional regulation are just some of the topics addressed in the afternoon’s concurrent symposia. 

You’ll want to be sure to stick around for the thought-provoking plenary on Wednesday, August 9, “Diving Deep Space: Plant Biology for the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.”  

Review the complete schedule to find sessions on topics that resonate with your interests. And be sure to register now, so you can take advantage of the ground-breaking scientific content available first and foremost to attendees of Plant Biology 2023!