Photosynthesis from Light to Life

July 17-20, 2018

Westin Hotel, Montreal, Canada

Come for Plant Biology 2018 (July 14-18) and stay for ISPR

An ISPR Meeting in Conjunction with Plant Biology 18

A new meeting between Photosynthesis Congresses

Want to share your research? Poster abstracts received by February 20 may also be invited to give a talk.

2018 Coordinating Committee

Eizabeth Ainsworth, Carl Bernacchi, Terry Bricker, Barry Bruce, Gary Brudvig, Asaph Cousins, Patricia Leon, Dave Hanson, Helmut Kirchoff, Dave Kramer, Dani Way, Wim Vermaas, ex officio

Confirmed speakers and topics

  • Lisa Ainsworth
    Lisa Ainsworth Photosynthesis in a changing world
  • Barry Bruce
    Barry Bruce Artificial and Synthetic Photosynthesis
  • Gary Brudvig
    Gary Brudvig Light Reactions/Light Harvesting
  • Tom Brutnell/John Cushman
    Tom Brutnell/John Cushman C4, CAM
  • Asaph Cousins
    Asaph Cousins CO2 supply - gs and gm
  • Julian Schroeder
    Julian Schroeder Ion Channels/signaling
  • Steve Theg
    Steve Theg Structural Cell Biology of Photosyn
  • Greg Vanlerberghe
    Greg Vanlerberghe Organellar support for photosynthesis
  • Dani Way
    Dani Way Global Change and Photosynthesis
  • Dave Kramer
    Dave Kramer Photoprotection and stress