Overview of the Plant Biology Conference

Here are a few of the ways that Plant Biology events deliver scientific information and broader benefits:

  • Providing access to people and information attendees cannot easily access on their own.
  • Designing plenary sessions to provide insights into new and cutting-edge scientific advances.
  • Enabling equitable participation by community members, at all levels and from all geographic locations, with the opportunity to participate in and propose content for the event across plenary and concurrent sessions, workshops and poster presentations.
  • Providing content development and volunteer opportunities designed to develop the full person and enable career advancement.
  • Engaging sponsors and exhibitors as key members of the community who provide essential tools, knowledge and resources.
  • Nurturing the development of interest-based groups and supporting inclusive programming.
  • Sparking and supporting connections among plant science community members beyond the annual event, through virtual events and section meetings.

Scientific Symposia

Concurrent symposia take place in 90-minute sessions and include talks from multiple speakers. Symposia span the full range of interests of ASPB members, including exciting new scientific developments and interdisciplinary areas.


Workshops are an opportunity for members of the plant science community to build important soft skills that are critical for professional success. They can be offered in person, virtually, or both.

Poster Sessions

All members of the plant science community have an opportunity to present a poster at the Plant Biology conference. There are special designations for undergraduate posters and “breaking science.”

Exhibit Hall

Learn how industry partners are able to support your work as a member of the plant science community.

Networking and Community Building

Build your professional network by finding like-minded people at Plant Biology 2024 meet-ups, receptions, section meetings and more!