For 2024, ASPB will bring Plant Biology 2024 to you, virtually! ASPB’s virtual line-up will features ALL NEW content that will not be presented at the in-person event in Honolulu, HI. The presenters will deliver their workshops and talks via live stream at designated times and be available live to answer participant questions. The sessions we be recorded, and recorded sessions will be available on demand through August 20, 2024.

Virtual Workshops | June 3-6, 2024 & June 10-13, 2024

Join us for virtual workshops to grow your skills and connect with plant science colleagues. Each virtual workshop will last 1 to 2 hours. See below for more information!

Plant Biology 2024 Extended | August 5-9, 2024

It’s back for 2024! This is an unparalleled opportunity to virtually access a broad range of fresh scientific findings through virtual concurrent symposia. Each virtual concurrent symposium will last from 1.5 to 2 hours. See below for specific information about each!

Click on the sessions listed below for additional details.

Plant Biology 2024 Virtual Workshops and Plant Biology 2024 Extended are included in the registration fee for anyone who registers for Plant Biology 2024 in Honolulu. Registration for virtual events does not include access to the in-person event.

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The session broadcast times listed below are in Eastern Daylight Savings time and US/Hawaii time.

Register Now

To register for Virtual Workshops or Plant Biology 2024 Extended, visit our special registration link. 

As access to virtual content will be available on demand until August 20, 2024, no cancellations or refunds are available. 

Pricing Per Virtual Session

Access to Virtual Workshops or Plant Biology 2024 Extended Concurrent Symposia can be purchased at the following price per workshop or symposium.

Graduate student$25$45
Undergraduate student$10$15

Virtual Sessions do not include access to the in-person event.

Group/Lab Virtual Pass

The group/lab pass provides all access to virtual content with special pricing for a group, like people from the same lab or institution. Please contact us at for instructions on how to register your group.

The Virtual Lab Pass is $1,600 and includes unlimited access for up to 15 people.

The Virtual Institutional Pass is $5,000 and includes unlimited access for up to 500 people. All participants must be associated with the same institution and use institutional email addresses.

The Group/Lab Pass does not include access to the in-person event.

Are you attending Plant Biology 2024 in Honolulu? If yes, access to all virtual content is included in your registration!

All Access Virtual Pass

The Virtual All Access Pass includes the Virtual Workshops and Plant Biology 2024 Extended. It’s the most convenient way to participate in the Plant Biology event without travel. Hone your skills in any or all of the Virtual Workshops, and gain the information delivered at Plant Biology 2024 Extended through scientific symposia. The Virtual All Access Pass is the best deal if you wish to view more than five virtual workshops or concurrent symposia.

Graduate student$125$225
Undergraduate student$50$75

The All Access Pass does not include access to the in-person event.


ASPB uses a tool called Swapcard to deliver virtual content. This platform allows users easy access via a web browser and using a laptop, tablet or mobile device. No need to download an app!

ASPB will provide those registered for the virtual event with access through the email address used during the registration process. The email address is a unique identifier and can only be used with one device at a time.
No. While you can see the presenter and the presentation, you will not be visible. We encourage participants to interact and pose questions via chat and the Q&A section of the site. A moderator will pose participant questions to presenters during the Q&A portion of the talks, and a presenter will continue to respond to questions via chat once their talk concludes.

For the lab pass, one person will be designated as ASPB’s primary point of contact. This person will provide ASPB with registration information for all participants.

For the institutional pass, ASPB will issue a code tied to the institution’s email address domain. A representative of the institution will need to share login instructions within the organization. If requested, ASPB can provide a participant list mid-August.

Please contact for additional details and to get started!