Plant Biology 2020 – Worldwide Summit

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The virtual conference environment is new for us!  What did we get right? What needs improvement? Your feedback is appreciated.

Welcome to the

Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit!

Sign-on, and get a ringside seat to some of the world’s best plant science research, often facilitated by cutting-edge technologies.

That this meeting could happen at all is itself a triumph of technology. Much of this technology will continue to be explored in future ASPB conferences, expanding the traditional limits of communication, collaboration, and networking and making the research presented during these meetings available to the plant science community all over the world.

At the same time, it is our intention to ensure that the human element is not left behind. We have provided ample opportunities for networking and discussion in the schedule. And we expect that these interactions will continue long after PB 2020 is over, because will need to rely on each other as the world recovers from the current pandemic and forges a more sustainable and inclusive society in which science can thrive.  Everyone will have a role to play.

What will you find at the Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit?

  • World renowned speakers – The program will provide a rich mix of scientific content in plenary talks and concurrent symposia
  • Virtual posters – The online environment provides the opportunity for poster presenters to expand the content of their posters with video and other enhanced features, while continuing to network via live chat,
  • Professional development and other topical workshops
  • A content-rich exhibitor showcase – To help you find the tools and technologies you need for your research while visiting with vendors in real-time.
  • Networking and social activities – A variety of structured and ad hoc opportunities for small-group networking, group discussions and fun ways to connect with fellow scientists at all career levels
  • A Virtual Career Fair – find your next job or your new hire!

All of these features can be accessed through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Find answers to any technical questions HERE.

Registered attendees to ASPB’s online conference will enjoy both synchronous (real-time livestream) and asynchronous (on demand) access.

Social distancing actions taken globally due to the coronavirus pandemic have required an unexpected pivot away from our in-person conference. But in making this pivot, ASPB has taken the opportunity to convene plant scientists from around the world in much greater numbers and to explore new (for us) ways to create unique value for our plant science community. Our goal is to ensure an educational, collaborative, and participatory —but not overwhelming—experience for all Plant Biology 2020 Worldwide Summit attendees.

We welcome any feedback on your conference experience as you explore this new kind of event with us! Please email, tweet to @aspb and the #plantbio20 hashtag, or share your thoughts with any ASPB staff member you encounter during the conference.

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Plenary Symposia Organizers

Nathan Springer

University of Minnesota

Rob Martienssen

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Judy Callis

University of California, Davis

Catherine Feuillet

Inari Agriculture

Machi F. Dilworth

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Joseph R. Ecker

Howard Hughes Medical Institute/The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

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